Pro III 047

Pro III 047

Evogue Flex Continental Delivery System

Flexible pulleys with an adjustable rod tension system
that creates a zero-gravity effect, reducing tension on the
dentists hand and shoulder, no matter where they choose
to position the delivery head.
Super Flexible Guide Roller
Zero-gravity Effect
Long Reach 35.5”
Adjustable HP Tension and Hose Length
Detachable Arms

Maximizing the unit head rotation allows the doctor table to be placed in traditional delivery positions
A wrist like movement in the pulley system design allows for the HP to activate in wider angles
The resistance of the HP tube can be customized for weight of the hand piece as well as the length of reach to provide an improved user experience.


Offering a wide range of flexibility that aligns with your needs.
Upright chair positions patients in an ideal posture with their feet on the floor for accurate assessment of jaw relationship, obtaining accurate occlusal records, JVA, TENS and Jaw tracking. With the patient at this position, the mandible assumes a natural position for diagnostic evaluation and the precise fabrication of corrective devices to restore TMJ balance. A more consistent bite record can be maintained for each patient. Also great for older patients for entry and exit.


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