Planmeca ProMax® LE 3D

Planmeca ProMax® LE 3D

Quality meets value with our Planmeca ProMax® LE (Limited Edition) 3D system, the first tier of the Planmeca ProMax® 3D family. The LE is a competitively priced, 2D/3D imaging system featuring Planmeca Romexis® open architecture software. Our Planmeca ProMax® LE is a time-tested platform designed around SCARA technology and upgradable for future needs.


Planmeca ProMax® LE 3D imaging system is our new LE is a 2D/3D imaging system including OV Ø8×8 cm & large Ø11×8 cm for view of 3rd molars and airway. The LE is upgradable, features Planmeca Romexis® open architecture software, and it works with third party vendor equipment.

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