Planmeca ProMax 3Ds

Planmeca ProMax 3Ds

Planmeca ProMax® 3D Family


Planmeca ProMax® 3D Family
ProMax 3Ds (Ø5x8cm) ProMax 3D Classic (ø8×8 cm) ProMax 3D Plus (Ø16×9 cm) ProMax 3D Mid (Ø20×17 cm)
• Offers versatile all-in-one 2D/3D imaging capabilities: panoramic, anatomically accurate extraoral bitewings, 3D optional ProFaceTM module for 3D facial photos, plus optional digital impression and cast model scanning
• Features exclusive Planmeca Ultra-Low Dose protocol for an average of 77% reduction in radiation without reduction in image quality*
• Optional Endo imaging mode allows perfect visualization of the finest details
• Adjustable kV/mA settings and multi-bladed collimation limit
excess radiation
• Upgradable all-in-one technology
• Patented SCARA technology, allowing limitless imaging possibilities
• Unique optional SmartPan allows 2D and 3D imaging to be taken with the
same sensor
• Face-to-face patient positioning for standing, sitting, and wheelchair
• Open-architecture Planmeca Romexis imaging software included
• Mac OS/PC compatible
• Planmeca ProMax 3D Classic and Planmeca ProMax Mid are
suresmile® certified

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