Planmeca ProMax® 3D

Planmeca ProMax® 3D

Planmeca’s ProMax 3D with patented SCARA technology is a multi-purpose unit that provides clear, dependable 2D/3D imaging with versatile imaging programs and volume sizes to accommodate a wide range of clinical needs.


Planmeca’s ProMax 3D is a versatile and dynamic 2D/3D imaging system that brings new possibilities for diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient counseling. With the ProMax 3D, clinicians can capture 3D volumes in addition to panoramic images and anatomically accurate extraoral bitewings. Volumes ranging from the smallest specialized cases to larger fields of view (Ø 4x5cm- Ø 8x8cm) are available, providing the ability to limit patient radiation by restricting dosage to areas of clinical interest.
The ProMax 3D’s patented SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robotic Arm) technology enables customized, accurate imaging based on patient anatomy. It is ideal for a wide range of specialties, with a broad range of imaging views for diagnosis, planning, case presentation, and treatment for the dentist whose practice includes general dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, implants, and other specialties.
The ProMax 3D is delivered with open-architecture Romexis software for processing, viewing, and enhancing images, as well as planning treatments; Mac OS compatibility and DICOM compliance provide seamless integration. The ProMax 3D is also upgradable to radiation-free ProFace 3D facial photo and digital impression/cast model scanning modalities for a wide variety of options to accommodate any growing practice.

• Availability of multiple imaging modalities in one machine: panoramic, anatomically accurate extraoral bitewings, 3D, optional ProFace module for 3D facial photos, plus optional digital impression and cast model scanning
• Versatile volume sizes for a single impaction to full dentition, and beyond: Ø8x8cm for the whole dentition, mandible, and maxilla in the same volume; Ø8x5cm volume for single views of the mandible or maxilla, lowering the radiation by almost 40%; the small Ø4×5 cm volume is intended for molar area studies or planning 3rd molar extractions
• Over 30+ imaging programs
• Upgradable all-in-one technology
• Patented SCARA technology, allowing limitless imaging possibilities
• Unique optional SmartPan allows 2D and 3D imaging to be taken with the same sensor
• Optional DIMAX 2D sensor
• Face-to-face open patient positioning for standing, sitting, and wheelchair accessibility
• Mac OS compatible and DICOM compliant

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