Planmeca Plan Mill 40 S

Planmeca Plan Mill 40 S

PlanMill 40 S equipped with SMART software and motor-spindle innovations, calculates custom milling paths improving performance and restoration integrity. PlanMill 40 S restorations are natural-looking and the most anatomically detailed.

PlanMill 40 S is built with Open System technology which allows seamless integration with most digital CAD software. PlanMill 40 S streamlines the user experience through a self-contained Windows-based, onboard computer and updated SMART technology software. Hardware innovations, Direct Drive Force Motors, supply the most accurate type of motion control for optimal milling performance and durability. Increased spindle speeds generate restorations at a faster rate while 6-axis dual spindles produce more refined, smoother polished restorations with greater detail on anatomical landmarks. Expanded milling block materials provide increased control and flexibility to manufacture a more natural-looking restoration.

The SMART software calculates custom milling paths to improve performance and restoration integrity. The SMART software contains reports, alerts, cleaning wizards and an auto-system restore. Reports provide information on maintenance and tool status and replacement. Guided Cap & Collet Cleaning Wizard and an auto-system restore reduce the need for a technician for daily maintenance.


Dimensions When Closed: (W x h x d) 26 x 17.4 x 21.4 in (661 x 442 x 544 mm)

Weight = 160 lbs.(72.6 kg)

Tool changer = 10 tool positions, automated

Data Connection = Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cabling

Spindle = 100,000 rpm

Block Recommendations – Lava Ultimate, GC Cerasmart, Vita Enamic, VITABLOCS Mark II, VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte, IPS Empress, IPS e.max, Vita Suprinity, Ziriux FC2, TelioCAD, BOB

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