Pelton & Crane Spirit 3300 Chair | KaVo Kerr

Pelton & Crane Spirit 3300 Chair | KaVo Kerr

Pelton & Crane’s years of experience and innovation at its best. The Spirit 3300 builds on a strong foundation to provide new enhancements in doctor access, patient comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

The narrow backrest, coupled with the new ability for the chair to go lower to the ground, enables ideal oral cavity access for practitioners of any stature, in a comfortable ergonomic position. A new base design makes it easy for patients to enter and exit, and provides enhanced stool access alongside the chair. Dual touchpads with new one-touch programming simplify chair operation, minimizing unnecessary movement for you and your team.


Narrow Back Advantage
Expertly designed with you in mind, the Spirit 3300’s narrow back design enables ergonomic efficiency. A narrow back model only 11.5 inches across the top provides maximum access to the oral cavity, while keeping patients comfortably supported.

Lower Minimum Height
The Spirit 3300’s new ability to reach a lower minimum height enables positioning flexibility for practitioners of any stature. Easily adjust the chair position so both you and your patients are comfortable.

New Base Design
The Spirit 3300’s new base design improves the patient’s ability to easily enter or exit the chair with feet firmly on the floor. Coupled with the lower minimum height, a weight capacity of 450 lbs, and a wider toeboard, the Spirit 3300 aims to provide a comfortable, accessible seating solution for your unique patient population.

New One-Touch Programming
New one-touch programming makes chair operation intuitive, fast, and simple. Quickly set desired pre-set positions, and easily adjust them as needed based on the changing needs of your practice.

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