Pelton & Crane Spirit 2800 Delivery System | KaVo Kerr

Pelton & Crane Spirit 2800 Delivery System | KaVo Kerr

Spirit 2000 delivery systems provide the performance and durability that is critical to your busy practice. Five standard positions let you incorporate a syringe and up to four additional instruments.

Spirit 2800 and 2500 rear delivery units provide the space and flexibility to maximize your efficiency. A contoured work surface is designed for ergonomics – smart contours eliminate discomfort while allowing better operator positioning, and in-procedure supplies are easily within reach. The height-adjustable Spirit 2800 system lets you independently position work surface and doctor’s unit head right where you need them. The Spirit 2500 provides precise positioning for the doctor’s unit with control head tilt, coupled with vertical and horizontal adjustment ability. Easily pivot doctor and assistant controls for simple right to left-hand delivery.


A die-cast metal control head will stand the test of time, and minimal seams make asepsis simple. Various configuration options are tailored to your specific delivery preference.

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