Pelton & Crane Dental Monitor Mounts | KaVo Kerr

Pelton & Crane Dental Monitor Mounts | KaVo Kerr

Durable design means your monitor mount will stand the test of time in a busy office environment.

Enhance communication and education for the ultimate patient experience. Pelton & Crane’s flexible monitor mounts provide the optimal choices for integration in your operatory. Positioning flexibility allows the user to easily place the monitor where needed before, during, and after procedures.

Spring Flexion Technology

Utilization of cutting-edge spring flexion technology enables each system to travel 40° above and below the horizontal plane, equating to 27” of linear movement.

Handle Assist

The innovative design of each monitor mount was developed to allow movement of the monitor from 0° to 90° with only 1 to 4 pounds of force – easy for dental assistants and hygienists.


Horizontal Rotation

Each system can rotate horizontally 350° at two pivot locations. The nearly infinite range of motion provides optimal positioning capability.

Various Mounts

To accommodate the design of any dental operatory, flexible monitor mounts are available in five variations: track (with or without light), ceiling, cabinet, wall, and ellipse mounts.

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