Midmark Preva DC Intraoral X-Ray

Midmark Preva DC Intraoral X-Ray

The Preva DC is a high frequency intraoral X-ray system that is designed to provide exceptional image quality and is compatible with both digital receptors and film.

  • Preva’s 0.4 mm focal spot designed for detailed, sharp images
  • Intuitive control panel with LCD display
  • Pre-programmed technique settings
  • Balanced, drift-free arm system with proprietary braking design
  • Wall mount units available in choice of four arm lengths


Line Voltage        100-230VAC +/– 10% 50-60 Hz

Max Line             5 amps


kV Range            60, 65 or 70 kVp

mA Range           4, 5, 6 or 7 mA

Exposure Time Selections   20 ms to 2 seconds

Cone Length      8 in (20 cm)

Focal Spot          0.4 mm

Duty Factor       1:15

Shipping              95 lb (wall unit)

Weight                 330 lb (mobile unit)

Applicable Documents      Federal Regulations 21 CFR, UL, CE 0120

Warranty              2 Years, Limited

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