Midmark Halogen Operatory Light

Midmark Halogen Operatory Light

Where many lights are an afterthought of old technology, the Midmark Light, with its advanced lighting design, pushes lighting quality to the edge.

Designed to deliver the true, reduced shadow white light you need to properly identify shades, see details and diagnose tissue

  • Automatic motion controlled on/off function
  • Soft/feathered edge on light pattern design to help reduce eye fatigue
  • Touchpad control offers three intensity settings as well as composite safe mode
  • Available as chair mount, ceiling mount, cabinet mount, wall mount or track mount configurations



Operate Mode Color Temperature:

  • 4500, 4750, 5000 Kelvin

Operate Mode Intensity:

  • 1400, 1950, 2500 Foot Candles
  • 15000, 21000, 27000 Lux

Composite Mode Color Temperature:

  • 4000 Kelvin

Composite Mode Intensity:

  • 550 Foot Candles
  • 5900 Lux

Color Rendering Index:

  • Greater than 90%

Pattern Size:

  • 3.3″ x 7.5″

Available in two Midmark Chair mounting configurations:

  • Midmark LR
  • Midmark Procenter Console

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