J. Morita Veraview IC5 HD

J. Morita Veraview IC5 HD

Veraview IC5 HD is an easy to use panoramic that produces exceptionally clear images with the best possible contrast.

Veraview IC5 HD offers high speed, exceptional clarity, and low dose. The 10-second panoramic scan captures a high resolution image image with a 25% reduction in pixel size at just 1/6 effective dose. Additionally, it features a 5.5 second panoramic for a quick examination. Digital Direct Auto Exposure (DDAE) and Auto Image Enhancer (AIE) fine tune the imaging process for the best possible quality. DDAE automatically sets kV and mA and provides continuous, real-time adjustment of the parameters throughout the pass to compensate for varying densities. AIE, a software function, regulates the brightness level of detailed areas in the scan. These programs perform a logarithmic conversion to produce images of exceptional clarity and detail.

  • 10-second panoramic for exceptional detail & clarity
  • High speed 5.5 second panoramic
  • Triple laser beams for easy positioning
  • Low dose
  • Fully automatic, simplified operation
  • Digital Direct Auto Exposure provides real-time adjustment of exposure levels
  • Pediatric function offers 4.8 second panoramic with further reduced dosage
  • Compact, lightweight & energy efficient


  • Model: XDP1
  • Input voltage: AC 100 V/115 V/120 V (EX-1) / 220 V/230 V/240 V (EX-2)
  • Power consumption: 0.85 kVA
  • Operating tube voltage: 60–70 kV Automatic control
  • Operating tube current: 1–7.5 mA Automatic control
  • Filament: Preheated
  • Rectification: Direct current
  • Cooling: Oil cooling
  • Tube focal area: 0.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 35″ X 38-1/4″ X 92-1/2″
  • Views: Standard panoramic, Pedodontic panoramic at reduced radiation, TMJ quadruple exposures for open and closed condyle
  • Light beams: Mid-sagittal plane, Frankfurt plane, Image layer
  • High speed mode: 5.5 sec. / 192 μm
  • High definition mode: 10 sec. / 96 μm
  • Power-assisted movement
  • Required installation area: 8.7 sq. ft.)
  • Weight: approx. 110 kg (242.5 lb.)

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