Hatch Group Smartclave 23L Class B Sterilizer

Hatch Group Smartclave 23L Class B Sterilizer

Smartclave 23L

A sleek design the 23L Class B Autoclave has a built in Thermal Printer and USB port. With a maximum cycle load of 6.5 KG you can set custom cycles along with 7 preset sterilization cycles. The Smartclave has two water reservoirs with an easy access filling tank, and the ability for an easy front port (Quick connect) for draining of the waste water. With a dual locking door system including an electro – magnetic seal provides durability for your Smartclave. It also includes a unique feature of being able to tighten the door seal if needed to maintain the units ability to start a new cycle.

Smartclave has both a pre-vacuum (to remove air) and post-vacuum (creates a dry load every time) cycles to ensure the perfect steam penetration for any load. The Smartclave offers the ability of a 6.5KG load with products being dry every time.

The Smartclave offers 7 preset cycle times, custom programmes including drying times.. The Smartclave 23L unit has 110Volt plug for easy installation, with a large vacuum pump and employs total cycle times at fast speeds. The Smartclave is one of the fastest chamber autoclaves on the market. It comes standard with 5 sterilization trays, increasing load capacity and office efficiency.


Diameter 9.8″(25cm)

Depth 17.72″ (45cm)

Volume 23L(6.98 gallons)

Water reservoir capacity 4L(1.06gallons)
Product size
Length 25.9″(65cm)

Width 19.76″ (50.2cm)

Height 16.93″(43cm)

Voltage & frequency 110V & 60Hz
Lock system of door Mechanical & Electromagnetic locking System
Max Load 6.5 Kg
Unit Weight 55kg
Shipping Weight 62Kg
Output Built-in Thermal printer & USB
Total Cycle time 45-50min
Overall length of the power cord 62.9″ (160cm)
ISO 13485:2016

Health Canada


Safety Standards
IEC 61010-1:2010+AMD1:2019

IEC 61010-2-040:2015-07(Second Edition)



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