Forest Dental Fixed Chair Mount w/Sidebox

Forest Dental Fixed Chair Mount w/Sidebox

Fixed Chair Mounts With Sidebox allow for a cuspidor, assistant’s instrumentation, a monitor and light to mount on a sidebox, which is large enough to accommodate a host of ancillary support products. Finish the aluminum side covers in one of our nine Designer Friendly® powder coat paint colors.

  • Personalized: Multiple control head choices accommodate your personalized style of dentistry
  • Stable: Cast iron chair mount provides superior stability for chair-mounted unit, light, monitor, cuspidor and telescoping assistants arm
  • Adjustable: Extra long over-the-patient arm places the delivery head closer to the paitients mouth
  • Built to last: Exclusive chrome billet aluuminum delivery and light arm end caps will not crack, fade, or fall off
  • Modular: Both side panels of sidebox are removable for easy access


Powder Coat Paint Finishes

  • Arctic Silver
  • Bronze
  • Charcoal
  • Forest Grey
  • Pearl
  • Pewter
  • Sage
  • Shadow
  • White

Carbon Fiber Finishes

  • Laser Leather
  • Lemans
  • Greywood
  • 4195SI/4485SI/4987SI Options:
    • 1576/1577 Deluxe Cuspidor
    • 1678/1679 Basic Cuspidor
  • Chrome Accents
  • Unit-Mounted Touchpad
  • Swivel Tray (standard with 4987 Euro)

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