DEXIS Platinum Digital Radiography System | KaVo Kerr

DEXIS Platinum Digital Radiography System | KaVo Kerr

The DEXIS Platinum Sensor is at the heart of the system. This single-sensor solution delivers remarkable image quality and features an ergonomic design for patient comfort and ease of use. DEXIS dental imaging software is intuitive and automated for fast workflow; and the DEXIS go App provides an engaging way to communicate with patients using an iPad.

DEXIS delivers innovative, high quality digital imaging solutions to the dental community. The DEXIS digital radiography system, with its state-of-the art DEXIS Platinum Sensor and intuitive, easy-to-use imaging software, provides numerous benefits to you, your practice and your patients.


PerfectSize™ Sensor. The ability to take vertical AND horizontal bitewings AND all periapicals with a single sensor eliminates the cost and inconvenience of using multiple sensors of different sizes. PureImage™ Technology. Through a combination of advanced hardware and software technologies, including a Caesium Iodide scintillator, fiber optics, a high-resolution CMOS sensor, and image-enhancement tools, the DEXIS Platinum sensor is able to deliver clinically meaningful images that are extremely clear and highly detailed. TrueComfort™ Design. To maximize patient comfort, the DEXIS Platinum sensor features beveled corners and a smooth, rounded casing to ensure there are no sharp edges against the palate or soft tissue. The smaller, angled dome makes precise placement in posterior regions easy, and the WiseAngle™ cable exit eases positioning and allows cable flexibility. Direct USB Connectivity. Image capture and processing electronics have been fully integrated into the sensor itself, replacing the need for a separate adapter or docking station. Simply “plug-n-ray.” DEXIS is the first to offer gold plating on the sensor’s USB connector for better durability. Simple-to-Use Software. DEXIS software serves as a powerful imaging hub for all patient images, intra- and extra-oral, and as a highly effective aid throughout the diagnosis, patient communication, and treatment planning process. The software is highly automated. When the sensor detects radiation, the image is automatically captured, saved, dated, tooth numbered, correctly oriented, and mounted – all without the need to return to the keyboard. Our “1-Click Full-Mouth Series” makes it possible to reduce a 25-minute FMX procedure to just 5 minutes from start to finish!

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