Dentsply Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus Elite

Dentsply Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus Elite

The high-end CBCT unit with HD mode, large field-of-view and packages that include Galileos FaceScan and SICAT Function, offers maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, radiologists, general dentists and ENT doctors all the options they need for diagnosis, treatment and patient consultation.

The optional HD mode of Galileos Comfort Plus ensures the highest image quality for a clear and quick diagnosis, even in difficult cases. „„

SICAT Function The first integrated digital 3D solution to provide a simple workflow diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMD). Available with the Galileos Comfort Plus Elite and Function package.

Galileos FaceScan The FaceScan plots the patient’s facial surfaces at the same time the x-ray image is taken. With a realistic image of their own face, patients understand and accept treatment recommendations more readily. Available with the Galileos Comfort Plus Elite and Function package.

Integrated Implantology Implants with a final prosthesis in fewer visits. The prosthetic suggestion from the CEREC® software is united with the 3D X-ray data, helping to achieve the perfect final outcome.

Sleep Apnea Galileos 3D scans can also be used for visualization of the airways. With SICAT Air, you can analyze the airway by drawing a border around your selected portion of the volumetric scan; the program will automatically fill in and display all the airway space within that border. After analysis of the upper airway in 3D, SICAT Air gives a report on the effect of the planned protrusion degree and possible effects on the temporomandibular joint. Ordering an individual patient therapeutic appliance is done purely digitally.

Key Advantages

  • 15.4 cm spherical volume with MARS (metal artifact reduction)
  • Close-ip feature with 125 micron resolution for endodontic appliacations
  • Lateral and AP/PA Cephalometric views
  • One of the lowest diagnostic doses per volume size available
  • Stable patient positioning, whether standing or sitting
  • 14 second scan for minimized patient movement
  • Sealmess workflow integration
  • Software with superior diagnostic features


Galileos Comfort Plus Elite Package Includes:

  • Image Reconstruction and Diagnosis Software
  • SIDEXIS 4 3D Imaging viewer
  • Software Implant Planning, Surgical Guide and CEREC CAD/CAM Integration Software
  • FaceScan
  • SICAT Air

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