Brewer Company 2000 Series Assistant Stool

Brewer Company 2000 Series Assistant Stool

Comfort and style at the right price. Many options allow ability to customize including ratched body support or 360° adjustable body support arm, and adjustable foot ring.


  • Comfortable 4″ Thick, 15″ Diameter seat cushion
  • Contour Backrest (Optional)
  • Various Height Options
  • Swing Arm or Ratched Body Support


All 2000 Series Seating Feature:

• Round, 16″ wide, 4″ thick poly-foam seat cushion

• Optional contoured backrest with aseptic shroud; 13w x 8.5″h x 1″

• 24″ diameter, 5-leg powder-coated cast aluminum base

• Hooded, dual-wheel casters with polyurethane tread

• 250 lb weight capacity

• Standard 5 year warranty

2042L/R – Assistant’s Stool

• 360° adjustable body support arm

• Adjustable footring standard

2052L/R – Assistant’s Stool

• Ratcheted body support arm

• Left and right body support models available

• Adjustable footring standard

2052BL/R – Assistant’s Stool

• Contoured backrest with aseptic shroud

• Ratcheted body support arm

• Left and right body support models available

• Pneumatic height: 20″ – 26″

• Adjustable footring standard

Part Number Height Range Seamless Upholstery Backrest Foot Ring Body Support
2042L 20″-26″ Yes Left
2042LV 20″-26″ Yes Yes Left
2042R 20″-26″ Yes Right
2042RV 20″-26″ Yes Yes Right
2052L 20″-26″ Yes Left
2052LV 20″-26″ Yes Yes Left
2052R 20″-26″ Yes Right
2052RV 20″-26″ Yes Yes Right
2052BL 20″-26″ Yes Yes Left
2052BLV 20″-26″ Yes Yes Yes Left
2052BR 20″-26″ Yes Yes Right
2052BRV 20″-26″ Yes Yes Yes Right


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