Belmont X-Calibur (BDS) Delivery Systems

Belmont X-Calibur (BDS) Delivery Systems

The X-Calibur Series Delivery Systems provide space saving solutions with its side or rear cabinet mounted options.

  • Rugged, time-tested X-Calibur delivery systems give practitioners a reliable platform for the delivery of air, water and vacuum for patient treatment
  • City/Bottle selection permits operators to quickly convert the source for handpiece water coolant at the flick of a switch
  • BDS delivery systems include an wide range of configurations to match practitioner needs, including left-right swing mounted delivery for operatories shared by left-handed and right-handed practitioners; side mounted over-the-patient delivery models to meet the needs of the traditional dental practice and cabinet mounted side and 12 o’clock rear delivery models


  • 3 Handpiece control
  • Wet/dry foot control
  • Individual handpiece air and water coolant adjustment controls
  • Handpiece flush switch
  • Individually adjustable handpiece holder angle
  • Master On/Off switch
  • Doctor’s syringe (on Doctor’s delivery systems)
  • Balance arm with pneumatic brake
  • Pre-wired delivery system for adding optional accessory devices
  • Bottled water system with City/Bottle selector switch
  • Assistant’s air/water syringe, HVE and SE (on Vac Pacs & Cuspidor/PMU models)

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