Belmont Clesta Operatory Light

Belmont Clesta Operatory Light

The Clesta LED operatory light perfectly blends the technology of the award winning Bel-Halo LED treatment room light with the proven, long-term success of the Clesta halogen light to provide a powerful new tool for every dental practice.

  • Oval light pattern feathers at the edges to minimize eye fatigue
  • Special dichroic reflector minimizes heat
  • Simple High, low or composite safe mode settings
  • Shadowless illumination – even with 50% obstruction between light and patient
  • Touchless On/Off and Composite Safe Mode controls minimize the potential for operator cross-contamination, by reducing physical contact with the light surfaces


  • 5000°K color temperature range high setting approximates mid-day sunlight
  • Each light equipped with touchless ON/OFF/Composite safe mode switches and manual over-ride switches
  • Rotary selector for selecting light intensity
  • Clesta halogen lights are available in post mount, swing mount, post mount, ceiling mount, track mount, cabinet mount, wall mount and curved post models

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