Air Techniques VacStar® 50/50H

Air Techniques VacStar® 50/50H

VacStar dental wet vacuums have been trusted by dentists since 1986 and still deliver best-in-class performance. Air Techniques continues to make the most reliable and efficient wet-ring dental evacuation systems. VacStars come with a five-year limited, extended warranty for unlimited hours – the best of its kind in the industry. All VacStar wet vacuum systems are manufactured in our 200,000 sq. foot New York facility with expertise and care to provide you with a high quality vacuum full of benefits to enhance your practice.


  • All VacStar components are precisely manufactured in house for reliable performance and long-term efficiency.
  • Oil-free. No maintenance and disposal issues.
  • Patented Hydromiser reduces your water consumption up to 75%.
  • Patented vacuum relief valve ensures consistently high suction levels.
  • Select one of four models to match your practice size.
  • For space confined installations specially designed racks are available.
Part Number VS50
Recommended Number of Users 3-4
Voltage 205/253
Full Load Amps 16
Water Flow / Min. per Pump .50 gallons
Dimensions (HxWxD) 22″x28″16″
Weight 160 lbs.


Part Number VS50H
Recommended Number of Users 3-4
Voltage 205/253
Full Load Amps 16
Water Flow / GPM .24 gallons
Dimensions (HxWxD) 25″x28″x16″
Weight 170 lbs.

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