Air Techniques ProVecta S-Pan Panoramic X-Ray

Air Techniques ProVecta S-Pan Panoramic X-Ray

ProVecta S-Span produces an image for adults within only 7 seconds, thereby reducing radiation dose. From the single exposure, only S-Pan acquires 20 layers of images and slices them into 20,000 fragments. The best are selected and compiled to generate a single, exceptionally sharp panoramic image–automatically!

This 2D panoramic system offers ease of handling and optimal workflow, supported by an innovative 7” touch display. The ProVecta S-Pan owes its excellent imaging performance to two innovative technologies. First, the modern CsI sensor technology which enables better image quality and, hence, significantly easier diagnosis. Second, the S-Pan technology which considers the individual patient’s anatomy and several accordingly aligned layers to create a pin sharp panoramic image at any spatial position of the tooth and jaw.


  • Extremely fast: OPG image from 7 seconds – with especially low dose.
  • Important diagnostic information is sharply displayed, including the mandibular canal and bone structure
  • The child modes reduce the dose by 45-56% and shorten the scan time, without loss of diagnostic information
  • Stabilizing handles compensate for patient movement
  • Audio announcements for staff and patients
  • Long vertical path accommodates tall patients and wheelchair users
  • TWAIN-compliant imaging software


  • S-Pan technology for simpler diagnosis and unmatched image quality
  • CsI sensor for better image quality and reduced radiation
  • Automatically selects the sharpest areas, resulting in sharper images and faster, easier diagnosis
  • Selects from 20,000 image fragments to create one exceptional image
  • 7” touch display for intuitive handling – Easy face-to-face positioning, 3 positioning lasers
  • Slim design, small footprint
  • All 17 X-ray programs included for unmatched ease of diagnosis: 1 Standard Panoramic; 3 Half-page: right, left and front; 4 Child modes of exposure with smaller exposure area; 5 Orthogonal; 2 TMJ for functional diagnosis; 2 Sinus for paranasal sinuses
Part Number  A7350
Maximum height  90″
Weight without pedestal  231 lbs
Weight with pedestal  342 lbs
Height adjustment range  28″
Dimensions including rotation (WxDxH)  39″ x 48″- 51″ x 90″
Installaton  Wall Mount (Pedestal  Optional)
Mains voltage  208-240 VAC
Frequency  50/60 Hz
Rated power  2.2 kVA
Magnification factor  1.3
X-ray HV Generator
Tube voltage and current  60-80 kV, 4-16 mA
X-ray Tub
Focal spot size  0.5 mm (IEC60336)
Total filtration  2.8 mm AL
Image Detector
Model  CsI Sensor
Pixel Size  100 µm
 Active sensor surface  6×150.4 mm
 Frame Rate  300 fps

System Requirements:

  • TWAIN automatically optimizes and saves all images and makes them available at all workstations
  • Makes it possible to connect to third-party software with ImageBridge and TWAIN

The minimum computer system requirements necessary to operate the ProVecta S-Pan are listed below:

  • CPU/Speed: 2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 (or equivalent AMD processor) or later.
  • Operating System(s): Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 or later for an Intel 32-bit processor; Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate with Service Pack 2 or later for an Intel 32-bit processor;Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate with Service Pack 1 or later for an Intel 32-bit or an Intel 64-bit extended (x64) processor; or Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional or Enterprise for an Intel 32-bit or an Intel 64-bit extended (x64) processor.
  • System RAM: At least 4 GB.
  • Hard Drive: At least 200 GB.
  • Display Adapter: At least 1024 x 1024 at 32-bit color, Direct3D-capable, workstation-class
    graphics card. At least 128 MB video memory.
  • Network interface: Gigabit Ethernet adapter (provided with system)
  • Slots:1 Available PCI Express slot for the Network Interface adapter provided
    with the system.
  • Optical Drive: Digital Optical Drive (CD-ROM or DVD) to install the software.
  • Software: Compatible, authorized, TWAIN Compliant, third-party software.

24 Months
This equipment is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of installation by authorized Air Techniques’ dealer service personnel.


Optional Accessories:

  • PN A7355: Base Plate
  • PN A7395: Bite Block Covers (100)
  • PN A7396: Hygienic Protective Silicone for Temple Support (3 pairs)
  • PN A7376: Bite Block Piece (3 pieces)
  • PN A7390: Chin Support for Edentulous Jaws
  • PN A7391: Chin Support for Mandibular Joint Image
  • PN A7392: Chin Support for Sinus Image
  • PN A7375:Holder for Bite Block Piece

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