Air Techniques CamX® Triton Interchangeable Head System

Air Techniques CamX® Triton Interchangeable Head System

Caries detection and intraoral imaging with autofocus and real HD image quality. From communication and caries diagnostics to documentation and tracking progress, we’ve got you covered. The CamX Triton HD system from Air Techniques provides valuable support in dental treatments and fosters patient understanding of your treatment recommendations.

CamX Triton HD Interchangeable Head System – easily and quickly change between caries diagnosis and intraoral imaging.


  • One device and workflow for all of your patient communication needs
  • The interchangeable heads feature scratch-resistant lenses and are easily switched between camera and caries detection
  • One push auto-focus button immediately brings images into sharp clarity from any distance
  • Unique capture-upon-release feature makes capturing steady, sharp images as easy as 1-2-3
  • Slim, rounded head enables easy access to even the posterior and provides greater patient comfort
  • Capture buttons are located on the top and bottom of CamX Triton HD – no need to change your grip
  • Motion sensors switches the camera on and off, ensuring efficient use
  • The intelligent interchangeable head system supports you with aid in diagnosis and early detection of caries and visualization of plaque
  • During excavation the Spectra interchangeable head can be used to reliable demonstrate the progress of caries removal
  • Spectra technology uses software to make occlusal and surface caries, plaque on occlusal and smooth surfaces, and calculus, visible with ease
  • For the analysis of caries activity, both color and numbers are used to display the result
  • The violet light emitted by the LEDs stimulates the metabolic products in caries bacteria and makes them glow red
  • Healthy enamel will glow green fluorescence
  • Your treatment recommendations will be easier for patients to understand


Part Number J2500
Connections USB 2.0 (3.0 compatible)
Multi-User Application Plug and play
Activation Via buttons located on top and bottom of handpiece
Handpiece Weight 2.5 oz
Handpiece Length 7.9 inches; 8.2 feet (optional extension up-to 18 ft. via active holder w/ USB hub)
Power Supply USB (5V)
Sensor High performance CMOS Sensor
Driver Standard Windows Drivers, NO additional drivers needed
Resolution 1280 pixels (H) c 1024 pexels (V)
Illumination 2 LEDs each for Spectra (405 nm, violet); 2 Bright white LEDs for Cam
Optical System Multiple lenses with protective glass

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