ACTEON SOPRO 617 Intraoral Camera

ACTEON SOPRO 617 Intraoral Camera

The SOPRO 617 delivers exceptional image quality by way of its new optical system equipped with an aspheric lens and the latest generation LEDs which utilize condensers to focus the light and produce a very powerful beam. Distortion is eliminated, the image is luminous in any circumstance, and the shading effect is minimized!

SOPRO, the world’s leader in dental imaging proudly introduces the SOPRO 617. The latest addition to our intra-oral camera range represents a synthesis of our technology and know-how! Weighing only 55g / 1.9oz, the SOPRO 617 meets the dentists’ expectations in terms of optimal comfort and working quality.

Its elegant (curved) design improves your viewing access into the patient’s mouth. The 105° angle of view (a 15 degree increase) differentiates it from other cameras on the market by allowing for better exploration of the distal areas. This optimized angle of view enables perfect visibility into even the hard-to-reach rear areas. Its rounded shape and extremely reduced camera head dimensions improve patient comfort while preventing any trauma to the mouth.

A large depth of field provides you a clear image in any circumstance (from portrait to single tooth). With the patented “Sopro Touch”, you can say goodbye to blurry images. A simple “glide” over the “Sopro Touch” enables you to freeze one or four images.


High sensitivity 1/4″ CCD

Resolution – 768 x 494 NTSC

Definition – 470 lines

Sensitivity – 2 lux

Cable length – 8′ (16′ optional)

Handpiece size – 0.9″ x 1.1″ x 8.1″ (HWL)

Size of distal part – 0.42″ x 0.64″ (HW)

Weight – 1.94 oz

Lighting – 8 New Generation LEDs

Adjustment – Auto-focus Non-inverted image

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