The SOPIX2 digital x-ray system integrates the best of modern technology, including fiber-optic-based CMOS, ensuring exceptional image quality. ACE technology (a SOPRO exclusive) makes it possible to control the amount of x-rays accumulated by the sensor, protecting each image from overexposure and ensuring that they are always clear.

ACTEON North America introduces SOPIX2; a new direct USB digital x-ray system which possesses the best of modern technology; fiber optic based CMOS, providing exceptional image quality. In addition to the highest quality components, the SOPIX2 digital sensors also feature a patented process that controls the amount of x-rays which are accumulated by the sensor. This Automatic Controlled Exposure feature (ACE Technology) ensures the image will never be overexposed. The end-user can be confident they will only receive optimal images and never have to “re-shoot” a patient. Additional, unique features of SOPIX2 (when combined with Sopro Imaging Software) are its Oscilloscope Mode (used to test x-ray generator output) and USB Test Mode (used to test the voltage output of the USB port). SOPIX2 has rounded corners for better patient comfort and is available in both Sizes 1 and 2.


Technology – CMOS + CSI scintillator + optic fiber
Theoretical resolution – 25 lp/mm
Pixel size – 20um x 20 um
Connection – USB 2.0
Cable length for the USB cable – 3.70m / 12.1′
(up to 8.70 m / 28.5′ – with booster supplied)
Imaging software provided – Sopro Imaging
Size 1:
External dimensions – 25 x 39 mm /.98″ x 1.53″
Active surface area – 600 mm2 (20 x 30 mm)
Number of pixels – 1.50 million
Size 2:
External dimensions – 31 x 42 mm / 1.22″ x 1.65″
Active surface area – 884 mm2 (26 x 34 mm)
Number of pixels – 2.21 million
Minimum Configuration Required:
Operating system – Windows XP Pro SP2
Processor – Intel® Pentium IV – 1.3 GHz
RAM – 512 MB
Hard disk – 80 GB
USB ports – 2 USB2 Hi-Speed ports
Graphic card – 32 MB RAM
USB Chip set – Intel® or NEC
Screen resolution – 1024 x 768
Configuration Recommended:
Operating system – Windows XP Pro SP2, VISTA SP1, Windows 7
Processor – Intel® Core 2
RAM – 2 GB
Hard disk – 320 GB
USB ports – 4 USB2 Hi-Speed ports
Graphic card with chip set – Nvidia or ATI 256 MB video not shared
USB Chip set – Intel® or NEC
Screen resolution – 1024 x 768 or more

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