Accutron Remote Flow System™

Accutron Remote Flow System™

The Remote Flow System™ merges gas delivery, patient monitoring and vacuum control into a central unit that can be installed in a more convenient remote location.

The Remote Flow System™ combines gas delivery at point of use, patient monitoring via the reservoir bag, and vacuum control into one central unit. It replaces both the conventional bag tee and vacuum control valve, and can be installed remotely in a more convenient location. Models are designed for use with Accutron’s Digital Ultra™ Flushmount and Ultra PC™ % Cabinet Mount Flowmeters. Requires Accutron’s Scavenging Circuit for Remote Flow System. Universal Cabinet Slides are available to mount the Remote Flow System discretely within a cabinet.

Compatible with the Remote Flow System™ are Accutron’s RFS Chairmount Kits.  They allow the Remote Flow System to be mounted to patient chairs without drilling new holes and can be installed in the field – retrofit where possible or new construction. Kits are available for a wide variety of dental chair brands.

  • Eliminates long mixed gas and vacuum hoses draping from adjacent cabinets
  • Creates uncluttered, safer work zone for doctor and staff
  • Minimizes displacement of patient mask caused by drag/pull and weight of long hoses
  • Store circuit and rubber goods when not in use

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