Accutron Digi-Flo™ Automatic Switching Manifold System

Accutron Digi-Flo™ Automatic Switching Manifold System

The Digi-Flo™ Automatic Switching Manifold/Alarm System manages the delivery of gases to dental operatories. Gas cylinders are automatically switched as they empty. It is available in a variety of configurations: Desk Alarm, Wall Alarm, Desk Alarm and Security System, Wall alarm and Security System.

The Digi-Flo™ Automatic Switching Manifold/Alarm is designed to safely and economically deliver nitrous oxide and oxygen gases to dental operatories. Regulators control the gas line pressure at 50-55 psi, and a pressure relief valve protects the gas lines and equipment against excessive line pressure. In the event of line pressure changes, the alarm system provides audio and visual alerts. Cylinder switching is an automatic process. Other unique features include:

  • Clear and precise LED numeric line pressure readings
  • Single or multiple zone valve/s and/or alarm panel capacity
  • Easily accessible components; field upgradeable software
  • Optional conduit adapter box available if local codes require wiring inside conduit

Note: A zone valve is required when installed in a remote location.


  • Dimensions with cover: 18″ x 9″ x 3″ (46 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm)
  • Working Pressure:
  • 50-55 psi Hose Length: 4 ft.
  • N2O Outlet: N2O DISS
  • O2 Outlet: O2 DISS
  • Primary Voltage: 120 volts
  • Cable: Category 6, Shielded, Ethernet 4 twisted pr., RJ-45 end connectors

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