A-dec Preference Collection® 5730/31 Upper Cabinets

A-dec Preference Collection® 5730/31 Upper Cabinets

A-dec Preference Collection 5730/31 Upper Cabinets are perfect for dispensing and storing. Preference Collection upper storage unit, upper dispensing unit, and x-ray storage.

Efficiency: Everything in its place and a place for everything. With supplies and accessories organized and easily accessible, dental operatory efficiency increases.

Reduce clutter: Create a more relaxing dental operatory experience. Preference Collection dental cabinet storage options keep all your accessories and supplies stored neatly out of your patients’ view.


5731 Upper Storage available in four lengths
5730 Upper Dispenser two lengths
Height: 20.62″ (525 mm)
Depth: 5730 – 8.75″ (223 mm), 5731 – 15.25″ (387 mm)
Length: 5731 Upper Storage – 22″ (559 mm), 29″ (737 mm), 34″ (864 mm) and 42″ (1067 mm); 5730 Upper Dispenser – 22″ (559 mm), 29″ (737 mm)

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