Planmeca Steri-Center SCX-5

Planmeca Steri-Center SCX-5

Steri-Center SCX-5 – Dental Sterilization Center
Based on the standards established by OSHA, CDC, and ADA, the Steri-Center SCX-5 is a complete sterilization system designed to help dental professionals maintain a sterile environment easily, safely, and efficiently.


The Steri-Center SCX-5 was designed around a well-established commitment to the development of intelligent products for the dental profession. Based on a comprehensive sterilization process devised by close observation of CDC, OSHA, and ADA recommendations, the Steri-Center SCX-5 combines scientific research with intuitive, ergonomic designs to deliver workstations that improve clinical efficiency and simplify infection control procedures.

• Durable, easy-to-clean Corian® work surfaces
• Corian® wrapping shelves with raised perimeter edges to prevent instruments from rolling off the work surface
• Corian® pull-out shelf designed with grooves to collect overflow liquids
• Pneumatic foot-activated system provides sterile, hands-free access to soiled/sterile instrument storage, retractable chrome faucet, and built-in dryer system
• Stainless steel toe-kick for easy installation, cleaning, and accessibility to all utilities under the cabinet
• Low-voltage LED lighting for work surfaces and soiled/sterile instrument storage provides brighter lighting with minimal energy consumption

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