A-dec 571 Halogen Dental Light

A-dec 571 Halogen Dental Light

The A-dec 571 Halogen Dental Light provides balanced lighting with proper contrast and a neutral color temperature so you can accurately perform procedures without eyestrain. This increases your stamina and allows you to provide your patients with your best quality dental care.

Superior optics: The A-dec 500 dental light provides a balanced light pattern with ideal contrast for a clear view of tooth topography. A neutral daylight color temperature allows accurate color/shade matching and tissue analysis.

Precise dental light positioning: With a third axis of rotation (diagonal), you can position the dental light so it fully illuminates the oral cavity no matter the position of the patient’s head.

Dental light control flexibility: The A-dec 500 dental light’s On/Off functions activate automatically with the dental chair preset positions. You can also use the local toggle switch or the convenient A-dec 500 touchpad controls.


  • Excellent color rendering index
  • Bright pattern with strong uniformity
  • Dependable brightness with easy-to-adjust intensity
  • Unsurpassed shadow-reducing reflector technology
  • Automatic on/off function with chair pre-sets
  • Independent composite setting
  • Spare-bulb storage on the dental light itself
  • Remote touchpad and local control
  • Rotational axes: Horizontal, vertical and diagonal
  • Color temperature: 5000K neutral white color temperature
  • Light pattern: 3.3″ x 6.3″ at 27.6″ focal distance (85 mm x 160 mm at 700 mm)
  • Light intensity : Composite 8,000 lux (743 fc), Medium 20,000 lux (1858 fc), High 24,000 lux (2230 fc)
  • BTUs per hour: 325
  • Power Consumption: 95W
  • Shipping Weight: 571 – 35lb (16 kg), 572 – 47 lb. (21 kg), Ceiling-Mount – 44 lb. (20 kg), Track-Mount – 54 lb. (25 kg)

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