A-dec 542 Side Delivery System

A-dec 542 Side Delivery System

A‑dec 500 provides you with internal integration of everything you need and ultimate comfort for you and your assistant. When patients enter a dental operatory with the A‑dec 500 side delivery stowed out of sight, the dental chair becomes the focal point, not the “drills,” helping put patients at ease.

True integration: Easily integrates all the latest technology. Get comfortable access to your handpieces, ultrasonic instrument, curing light, and intraoral camera. Integrate one or two electric handpieces and get full digital control of endodontic functions with the A-dec 500 deluxe touchpad.

Discrete location: The A-dec 500 side delivery systems tucks away underneath Preference Collection cabinetry so your patients are less intimidated by your dental equipment. Plus, it allows unrestricted chair access for patient entry and exit. Total waterline maintenance solution: By combining an innovative 2-liter water bottle, a control block design that eliminates standing water, AlphaSan tubing, and the revolutionary ICX waterline treatment tablet, A-dec offers everything you need for worry-free waterline maintenance.


  • Standard 4-position control block
  • Control head accommodates four integrated ancillaries
  • Wet/dry foot control with chip blower/accessory button
  • Standard quad-voltage intraoral light source with independent adjustment settings for four positions
  • Self-contained water bottle with an integrated pickup tube that helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Balanced flexarm with air brake
  • Choice of standard or deluxe touchpad
  • Height adjustable instrument arm and round work surface
  • 94 lb. (43 kg)
  • 2.0 liter self-contained water bottle
  • 16′ foot control tubing
  • 15′ USB 2.0 cable
  • Choice of 13″ or 22″ rigid arm
  • White with gray accents

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