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The brand new hardware setup placed the 3Shape TRIOS 3 scanner, monitor, and PC on the lightweight, fully-adjustable, ergonic 3Shape TRIOS MOVE. TRIOS MOVE’s mobility enables doctors to always position the screen in the right place to provide a superior experience for both dentists and patients. TRIOS MOVE is perfectly balanced and can be rolled effortlessly from operatory to operatory.

All TRIOS 3 intraoral scanners, including the new 3Shape TRIOS 3 Wireless model, work seamlessly with TRIOS MOVE. The amazing TRIOS 3 scanners improve patient experience through remarkable scanning speed, and documented accuracy. Thanks to TRIOS MOVE, the digital impressions in realistic colors can easily be shown to your patients to engage and excite them about their treatment options.

  • 13.3” Full HD LCD screen: The perfect size for bringing in front of a patient or when working with up close
  • Adjustable arm & swiveling screen: Bring the screen directly in front of the patient to involve them in the scanning process and the treatment planning
  • Powerful custom PC designed for scanning: Specifically designed for use with all 3Shape TRIOS 3 scanners to give a fast and smooth scan experience straight out of the box
  • Dimensions:
Footprint (base) 50 x 60 cm
Height (when folded) 120 cm
Height (fully extended) 150 cm
Weight ~13 kg, including scanner

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