3Shape TRIOS® 3 Wireless Battery Cart

3Shape TRIOS® 3 Wireless Battery Cart

TRIOS 3 Wireless Battery Cart with multi-touch screen, wireless as well as wired scanner and internet connectivity and integrated high-performance computer optimized for 3D scanning. Designed for easy movement between treatment rooms. Move it anywhere without shutting down. Full speed scan capabilities in battery mode.


TRIOS 3 Wireless handheld 3D scanner with Ultrafast Optical Sectioning Technology for spray and power free intraoral scaning in colors. Capable of measuring shades of teeth and adding HD photos to the 3D model. Available with pen grip or handle.

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Parts and Accesories:

    • • 4 x TRIOS 3 Rechargeable Batteries for cart
    • • Power cable
    • • LAN Network cable (5 meter)
    • • 1 Wi-Fi dongle
    • • 1 charger for TRIOS 3 Wireless batteries incl. 3 batteries
    • • 5 x TRIOS 3 Scanner Tips incl. mirrors (autoclavable)
    • • TRIOS 3 Protection Tip
    • • TRIOS 3 Calibration Tip
    • • TRIOS 3 Color Calibration Kit
    • • Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth module
    • • External USB and Ethernet connection


    • TRIOS Digital Impression software with integrated 3Shape Communicate interface

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