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Crystalline Dental brings state of the art Dentistry of all types to the Vaughan , Ontario community, bringing a relaxed spa-like dental experience to the community. Crystalline Dental was in the minds and the dreams of the Doctors for a long time before the practice came to fruition. Dr. Fred Wauchope has restricted his Practise to Surgical and Dental Implant Dentistry for the past 15 years, and Dr. Robert Pacione provides Family, Implant, and Cosmetic Dentistry as well as Dentistry Asleep, and Laser Dentistry. The Doctors selected Vaughan as the location for their office because the community is growing rapidly with new home developments , commercial developments and supporting school infrastructures .
When the Doctors decided to join forces by building a new practice, they had a clear idea of what they wanted an office to be – patient focused with an emphasis on comfort and cutting-edge technology. The mission was to develop a practice that was spa-like and soothing to their patients, and it opened in July 2016.
“Crystalline Dental was selected as the practice name because the name signifies a perfection as occurs in nature,” explained Dr. Pacione. “Crystalline means like or similar in composition to a crystal. Our core philosophy here is to strive for natural perfection in function and aesthetics.” The stunning office fills 2,100 square feet, consisting of five operatories, digital X-rays, CBCT Imagery , and top-of-the-line equipment in every room. The unique construction materials and décor put patients at ease while enveloping them in a pampered, comforting surround. As a result, Crystalline Dental has been experiencing significant growth with new patients on a monthly basis .
Streamlined Design is Uncluttered, Calming

Entering the reception area, set behind an etched glass door, the ambiance communicates an upscale, patient-centric environment. The design is sleek and minimalistic, but is also warmly welcoming . Dr. Pacione is an accomplished race car driver who has been featured in racing magazines, and the waiting area showcases his passion with a collage of stunning automotive-themed photography displayed above a modern leather sofa and chairs. Glazed subway and mosaic tiles are crisp and professional and softened by the warm rustic dark hardwood floors. The reception desk is long and spacious, with plenty of room to greet patients, and it is constructed in both tile and wood to match with the rest of the decor.
The Doctors were acquainted with Jennifer Jobling, Henry Schein Canada Field Sales Consultant, from their interactions with other practices, so when it was time to plan this new office start-up venture they utilized her expertise to detail the project .
“We had a great relationship with Jennifer and her team of experts at Henry Schein,” said Dr. Pacione. “Jennifer took the time to ask the questions that mattered to us. She met with us on numerous occasions to ensure our concerns were addressed. We felt the time was right to move forward and make our vision a reality.”
The Doctors were familiar with the builder/owner of the new “ plaza style structure “ project which offered excellent visibility in a high-traffic location . Henry Schein facilitated closing the the leasing process by introducing the Doctors to Cirrus, a preferred partner. “Once the lease was confirmed , we started with the drawings, meeting with manufacturer reps at our showroom, as well as contractors and designers,” confirmed Jobling, who noted that Henry Schein designer Walter Panaroni drew up the plans for the office.
“We were included in each decision, from the design, the build, the site visits and the installation,” said Dr. Pacione. “We were guided all the way.”
The team met over many meetings to tweak the design until it was perfect. “Once that was approved, we moved forward, in constant contact to ensure the next steps moved along seamlessly,” confirmed Jobling.
Clinical Area Focuses on Patient Comfort
The office features five treatment rooms in its clinical area. The rooms are expansive in a subtle taupe palette with ceramic tile flooring. The Doctors selected Pelton & Crane operatory equipment and Helios LED lights after test-driving a variety of configurations at the Henry Schein showroom. They felt the company’s 3303 Spirit chair would be very durable and would provide the most comfort to patients , particularly for longer duration treatment procedures . Consequently ,all of the treatment rooms were equipped with the same chairs . This attention to patient care is evident also in the technology they selected , from the integrated KaVo electric hand pieces and the DexCam intraoral cameras, to robust digital imagining technology including Dexis Platinum sensors and Belmont X-rays. However, the Doctors point to their Instrumentarium OP300 3D cone beam unit as the biggest game changer for the office. The advantage of 3D CBCT imagery has become an indispensable tool for planning their Endodontic , Surgical and Dental Implant treatment procedures .
In addition , the CBCT imagery has been instrumental in the identification of dental pathology that was undetected by 2D radio-graphic analysis .” Specifically , we already have had two patient instances where we were able to identify suspicious imagery findings which eventually led to the diagnosis of malignant osseous tumors that were previously undiagnosed by the 2D radio -graphic analysis of others,” shared Dr. Pacione. “We were able to arrange referral for timely surgeries for the pathology removal and the patients are eternally grateful.”  Behind the scenes, patient safety and infection control received the same high level of attention. The sterilization center was equipped with hospital-grade sterilization equipment – Midmark M11, Statim 2000 Hydrim, QuattroCare, IMS cassette system and VistaPure water purification system. With a work flow that moves instruments from soiled to clean with efficiency and safety , the sterilization center was designed to easily keep pace with the practice’s growing patient volume.
The patients love the new office. “It is a comfortable, peaceful, relaxing environment,” agreed Dr. Pacione. “The feedback from patients has been positive and is reflected in the frequency of new patient referrals from existing patients and from the new patients also .
“It makes me proud to know that Crystalline Dental trusted Henry Schein to make its vision a reality,”
summarized Jobling. “The Doctors utilized all of our tools, and their office is welcoming and warm, while boasting a state-of-the-art facility – all while maintaining a calm, sterile look. They took advantage of our team’s experience and it was an honor to provide them with that .“

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